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Service Design resources and insights

five design principles for changed world 01

Five design principles for a changed world

As we feel our way through the Covid crisis, how can service design help organisations address what’s needed for a new reality?

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engine service design leading out of lockdown webinar

Engine Service Design Webinars

Oliver King and James Samperi set out the steps to identify, prioritise and tackle the experience design challenges you're facing.

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service design sprints online 01

Service Design Sprints Online

With so many of us working from different locations right now, firing-up people and projects can feel daunting. That’s why, for the time being, we’ve moved service design online.

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Liquid soap dispenser

Your customers have changed

So, what now? What needs to happen next to get revenue flowing again and your teams mobilised and creating value?

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reconfigure your service together

Reconfigure your service together

Redesign your service model and experience in ways your customers will value and turn a profit within a new commercial reality.

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reimagine services model at speed

Reimagine at Speed

Your existing services model is no longer profitable. You need a new one, but what? We've developed a set of practical tools to help.

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Restart with impact

Open for business with a service that feels safe, with new magic touches to make your customers smile again.

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designing for dubai happiness agenda 01

Designing for Dubai’s Happiness Agenda

Dubai has ambitions to become the happiest city on Earth. The health of its population is set to play a central role.

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guide to ecosystem services design 01

A Guide to Ecosystem Services Design

Business ecosystems are creators of value. Here's a practical and accessible approach to unlocking value within your business ecosystem.

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service design futures

Service Design Futures

From here on in, our mission is to make the world a better place one service at a time.

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