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Auto Retailing: How Long Can the Traditional Franchised Network Set-Up Be Sustained?

The Future of Automotive Retail: the 5 most important things automotive brands should do, we discussed how the industry is changing and the five main ways in which brands can rethink the buying and car ownership experience. Customers’ buying habits and expectations have evolved over the years along with the internet. Most industries and sectors have responded to this by refocusing their efforts to put their customers at the heart of their offerings. Conversely, the automotive retailing industry has continued to invest in the linear processes of franchised networks.

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6 Reasons Customers Personas Can Help You Create Experiences Your Customers Love

In this blog, we share how using Customer Personas, during the service design process, gives companies a creative tool to help imagine what customers need and will value. This facilitates service design from the point of view of the target customer who will actually be using it, making it far easier to produce something that is fit for purpose.

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9 Steps To Create A Compelling Vision

The service design process works best when all stakeholders are invested in it at an early stage. It’s vital for brands to stand out and provide excellent customer experiences. This can only be done effectively by taking a holistic view and designing with the target customer in mind. For service design, this can sometimes

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How Target Customer Journey Mapping Can Revolutionise The Customer Experience

This is the third in a series of 5 Blogs, where we explore 5 key tools in the Service Designers Toolkit – Customer Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Visioning, Concepting and Service Blueprinting.

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What is Service Design Concepting And How is It Valuable For Organisations?

You could be forgiven for assuming ‘concepting’ is a typo. It’s not. It’s a word used often in service design to mean the generation of new ideas. It’s a vital part of the service design process service design and without it companies risk limiting their idea generation to fit with their existing systems, resources, and capabilities.

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5 Ways A Company Can Benefit From A Service Blueprint

In this blog, we share how Service Blueprints can be used for service operations and service positioning, as well as diagnosing operational problems. They are extremely useful when planning new services or improving existing ones. They can also help create better performance indicators.

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A woman talking to a virtual assistant technology showing how voice enabled technology improves service design

How voice-enabled services are offering a brighter future for healthcare

The use of voice-enabled technology in healthcare is not limited to making it easier for doctors to dictate patient notes. From providing patients with information on their conditions and access to services to detecting and treating various ailments, voice-recognition software offers many possibilities.

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The Patient Experience Reimagined: Treatment

Is it time to move from a siloed treatment process, towards a cohesive get-well plan, intuitive and at the palm of the patient's hand?

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A mobile phone showing the app for Health Hub demonstrating how patient diagnosis experience can be improved

The Patient Experience Reimagined: Diagnosis

Is it time to move away from the rushed, human doctor diagnosis to a data and tech supported diagnosis?

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The Patient Experience Reimagined: Pre-Diagnosis

Is it time to move from a limited, single contact doctor appointment to a collaborative, AI-assisted doctor assessment and pre-diagnosis over several days?

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