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A woman talking to a virtual assistant technology showing how voice enabled technology improves service design

How voice-enabled services are offering a brighter future for healthcare

The use of voice-enabled technology in healthcare is not limited to making it easier for doctors to dictate patient notes. From providing patients with information on their conditions and access to services to detecting and treating various ailments, voice-recognition software offers many possibilities.

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The patient experience reimagined: Treatment

Is it time to move from a siloed treatment process, towards a cohesive get-well plan, intuitive and at the palm of the patient's hand?

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A mobile phone showing the app for Health Hub demonstrating how patient diagnosis experience can be improved

The patient experience reimagined: Diagnosis

Is it time to move away from the rushed, human doctor diagnosis to a data and tech supported diagnosis?

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The patient experience reimagined: Pre-diagnosis

Is it time to move from a limited, single contact doctor appointment to a collaborative, AI-assisted doctor assessment and pre-diagnosis over several days?

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The patient experience reimagined: Staying healthy

From reactive treatment of symptoms to a prevention focused healthy culture.

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The future of healthcare – Post Covid-19

Is it time to move from a linear and reactive healthcare experience to a circular and proactive healthcare journey?

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