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The future of education: Pandemic stories

At Engine Service Design, we’re constantly looking to reimagine improved services and experiences for the future. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted some incredibly important areas in education that we believe could be addressed, using service design to improve the educational journey.

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Designing a better education system for our children

We all knew that the education system had room for improvement. The COVID-19 pandemic brought this home (literally) as lockdowns forced schools to provide online solutions, for which most were seriously underequipped.

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How COVID-19 lessons can help us reimagine a better future for our children’s education

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. And it brought many things to light, particularly in the world of education. As the world locked down, educational establishments were forced to change their teaching formats overnight.

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designing with and for children

Designing with and for children

International Association of Designers (IAoD) celebrates World Design Days (12th – 15th April).

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