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Five top automotive brands for customer experience in 2022

Over the last couple of years, we have all begun to value positive experiences and connection even more than we did before. Many things we took for granted were taken away from us, forcing us to re-evaluate our priorities.

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The future of automotive retail: the 5 most important things automotive brands should do

The automotive industry is changing, and in this first blog in our automotive series, we explore how smart tech and connectivity within the car is increasingly changing the automotive industry, and why the car is no longer ‘just’ a car; automobiles are now even a mainstay at the influential Consumer Electronics Show, held every year in Las Vegas. So, what should automotive brands be doing right now to stay relevant?

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The future of automotive retail: The importance of merging digital and physical experiences seamlessly

The automotive industry is no different to any other when it comes to online and in person experiences. Organisations need to understand and recognise their target customer’s digital behaviour and expectations and ensure that the physical experience matches it. And vice versa, of course.

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Managing culture change: The challenges facing the automotive industry

In this series of blogs about the future of automotive retail we have looked at the challenges currently facing the industry. The linear processes of a facility-focused model are no longer fit for purpose. We have looked at how companies need to embrace a holistic, online, and offline presence that provides exceptional customer experiences in order to compete. The way that brands manage this shift will be key to their success going forward.

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Overcoming business silos in the automotive industry to improve customer experience

In our previous blog we talked about reimagining the customer relationship in the automotive industry and how customers want to connect with brands on their own terms. Here we look at the siloed structure of how manufacturers and dealers manage their operations, how it is at odds with customer perceptions, and how it can change.

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The future of automotive retail: Controlling your reputation in an online world where everyone’s an expert

In our last blog about the future of the automotive industry we looked at why it is so important to ensure that digital and physical experiences are merged seamlessly. Here we discuss the ever-greater role that consumers are playing in shaping the reputations of brands and dealers. It is an area that companies cannot afford to lose control of, so it is important to be proactive.

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Auto retailing: How long can the traditional franchised network set-up be sustained?

The Future of Automotive Retail: the 5 most important things automotive brands should do, we discussed how the industry is changing and the five main ways in which brands can rethink the buying and car ownership experience. Customers’ buying habits and expectations have evolved over the years along with the internet. Most industries and sectors have responded to this by refocusing their efforts to put their customers at the heart of their offerings. Conversely, the automotive retailing industry has continued to invest in the linear processes of franchised networks.

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Mobility as a service

The role of car brands in mobility as a service

The shift from car ownership to usership brings new challenges.

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An aerial view of a roundabout road with a two flyovers crossing over it, one from left to right and the other top to bottom. The surrounding area is green with buildings on the right edge and a car park on the left

Driving joined-up retail for the future of automotive

It's time for service innovation in the automotive industry.

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