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dmcc freezone customer journey design by engine

DMCC Freezone

Designing best-in-class B2b customer journeys

The challenge

In an increasingly competitive business setup and licensing market, The Engine Service Design Team redesigned three critical customer journeys, for the largest economic freezone in the Middle East. All journeys were designed to enable large and small companies to thrive, and delivered through an 18-month development drive across service development, technology and product and process improvement.

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global pharma company service applications by engine 01

Global Pharma Company

Finding valuable service applications for an emerging technology

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hyundai motor studio retail experience by engine 01

Hyundai Motor Company

Designing an immersive, culturally inspired retail experience

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Here’s how we do it

Insight to vision

Identify the difference between what you do today and what your future customers don’t yet know they need. Reimagine the future.

Insight to vision

Design to pilot

Unlock new value by imagining, designing and piloting services and experiences your colleagues are inspired to deliver and your customers will love.

Design to pilot

Plan to mobilise

Mobilise your organisation with a plan to change, build or buy what’s needed to deliver new services and experiences.

Plan to mobilise

How we can help


It's working, but not well enough

When legacy issues and disjointed ways of working are impacting your customer experience and critical metrics, you need a trusted partner to guide you.

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reimagine engine

Think differently to stay ahead

When you need to think differently to stay ahead, but you’re unsure how to differentiate your customer experience, you need a trusted partner to guide you.

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innovate engine service design

Do something genuinely new

When you spot an opportunity to disrupt your industry with a new product or service, you need a trusted partner to guide you.

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