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Designing a digital solution for the collaborative classroom

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This product had to cater for the ways teaching happened in and outside of the classroom and reflect how this might differ across the US, Europe and Asia

The Challenge

With competitors already well established in providing educational platforms and app content, the challenge for Samsung Schools was to enhance existing tablet software and services, to offer solutions to schools, teachers and students that wouldn’t rely on building a content platform.

The outcomes

The Engine Service Design Team re-imagined a new educational product and a service proposition, enabling a simplified method of creating inspiring lessons. The platform enhanced both lesson planning and lesson delivery, ultimately supporting an exceptional in-classroom learning experience.


Taking inspiration from schools, teachers and students

The Engine Service Design Team visited schools across Europe and the US; Observing classrooms and interviewing teachers, students and administrators, we found the existing solution didn’t reflect preferred ways of teaching. Teachers and students needed a system that supported higher levels of collaboration and creative problem solving, whilst the school required an enhanced customer experience when investing in a learning solution and improved support once in place.

Focusing on lessons not applications

We set about developing designs for an enhanced digital product that would be optimised for teachers, enabling the easy creation and delivery of great lessons. The Engine Team also created a suite of new tools that could be re-used across lessons and become a real point of difference for the product.

Simultaneous design of the new product and service

The product strategy was built with two audiences in mind; The internal Digital Design Team (to design and build the new product) and internal Executives (to ensure alignemnt and support). The product design work focused on developing detailed use cases and user flows and developing the UI/UX design and GUI guidelines. The service design focused on detailing the overarching product strategy and developing the service blueprints for how schools would buy into the solution, and how ongoing support would be delivered.


The project defined the product proposition, detailed the service and product strategy and detailed the user flows and UI/UX of the key features, ready for handover to senior executive and design teams.

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