Connected services for Volkswagen's Millennial customers

Quickly envisioning new services for Millennials.

Connected services for Volkswagen's Millennial customers Image

In response to changing market dynamics, Volkswagen recognised the need to embrace digital technology to connect with millennials, prompting the Engine Service Design team to conduct extensive research and envision a holistic, connected car platform.

The Challenge

Volkswagen wanted to understand the role of digital technologies in attracting millennial customers to buy their vehicles. 

Engine Service Design developed a detailed view of the attitudes and behaviours of these customers. We developed an ambitious service concept for a connected car platform and a set of data services and applications to inform future investment and planning.

This transformative vision aimed to attract millennials and revolutionise the driving experience for all customers, equipping Volkswagen with a strategic roadmap for future investments and continued relevance in the evolving automotive market.

This collaborative effort didn't merely result in a service concept but heralded Volkswagen's commitment to an intertwined future with digital innovation, solidifying its position in an ever-changing automotive landscape.

It was a story of adaptability, forward-thinking, and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of a new generation.

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