Defining the vision for Genesis House

Defining the vision and requirements for Genesis House.

Defining the vision for Genesis House Image

Genesis wanted to develop an experience centre that exemplified the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail their cars are renowned for. They envisioned a venue that blended Korean culture with state-of-the-art vehicles and immersive visitor experiences.

The Challenge

How do you create a luxury experience, against the backdrop of New York’s Meatpacking district?
Luxury Korean car brand Genesis, needed to define and deliver a consistent, on-brand experience centre, that would be an oasis in the heart of this hip, commercial area on the west side.

The outcomes

The Engine Service Design Team worked with Genesis to translate their vision for Genesis House, into a detailed visitor experience. Genesis House opened in late 2021 to critical acclaim and celebrates elevated living through rich surroundings, Michelin-starred cuisine and intellectual nourishment.


Defining the visitor experience

Drawn from the Genesis brand identity system, the Engine Service Design team defined four principles at the heart of the visitor’s experience:

1. The customer’s digital experience must represent progressive use of technology, replicating innovative digital experiences they would have experienced in similar situations.

2. The customer’s digital experience must ensure every interaction be as simple and easy as possible.

3. The customer’s non-digital experience must be outstanding when enhanced with technology.

4. Interaction with a digital interface must be beautifully elegant.

Defining the requirements of digital touch points

Broadly speaking, Genesis House has five experience domains:

1. Onjium: A Michelin-starred restaurant and cultural institute from Seoul dedicated to merging the traditions of Korean culture with modernity.

2. A Scholar’s (Seonbi) Room: Filled with special edition books, luxury display items, and unique accessories.

3. The Showroom: Offering a boutique-like setting where you can get comfortable in the Genesis that best fits your lifestyle.

4. The Cellar Stage: Outfitted with floor-to-ceiling LED-lit staging and state-of-the-art audio-visual technology for events and thought leadership summits.

5. Genesis Studio: An intimate luxury environment where you can focus in on finding the right vehicle for you.

For each domain, we defined the activities that would take place before, during and after a visit and defined (linking back to the four experience principles) what the requirements of each digital product would need to be.

Experience-led programme management

Throughout the project, Engine Service Design worked with Genesis HQ, their partners, and American subsidiaries to source and evaluate vendors and support local architects, audio-visual experts and other specialist consultants to resolve issues that may impact the customer’s experience.

Adopting an experience-led approach to programme management, we ensured the inevitable challenges and trade-offs were managed without compromising on the vision and experience of the space.


“Defining a clear set of experience principles, aligned to our brand was central to ensuring the digital touchpoints that would support and enable the experience to be brought to life and consistently delivered”

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