London Borough Of Southwark

Using service design to tackle the social challenges to healthy eating.

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Southwark Council, situated in one of the UK's most deprived areas, collaborated with the Engine Service Design team to research and address the challenges associated with healthy eating and weight maintenance. Together we identified opportunities for new services and resources to support low-income households in accessing healthier foods.

The Challenge

Growing up in poverty can damage physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, all of which are determinants of adult life outcomes.  Early intervention and support for families can drive positive outcomes, both for individuals and the state. This was particularly acute for Southwark Council, with the London borough falling within the bottom 20% of the country’s most deprived. 

Southwark Council engaged the Engine Service Design team to research and identify the practical, everyday challenges to eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight We spent time with a group of residents of the borough and ran co-design workshops, including with a group of school children, to visualise challenges and glimpse new solutions.

We helped the corporate strategy team understand and communicate factors of culture, nationality, faith and status that impacted diet and identified opportunities for new services and resources to support households on low-incomes to access and eat more healthy foods.

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