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National Grid B2B Customer Journey

Designing B2B customer journeys to support the shift from an engineering to a services-centred business

National Grid B2B Customer Journey Image

The Challenge

National Grid set out to design six critical customer journeys in response to a business need to improve top-down NPS ahead of a regulatory review and to increase revenues. Over 18 months, we collaborated with teams responsible for each journey and their customers to design new, end-to-end B2B customer journeys and establish a journey design project model. In doing so, we demonstrated how National Grid could make a more concerted shift from being a strong engineering business to becoming a customer-focused services business.

In addition to designing for National Grid’s external customers, we applied the same project model and tools to the design of intra-business services. We ran projects to design the internal customer experience ahead of implementing new SAP S/4HANA solutions to be used by the business.

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