Mars Service Model Transformation

Vision for transitioning from a product to customer-centred service model.

Mars Service Model Transformation Image

KLIX, Mars' drinks vending division, engaged Engine Service Design to explore new revenue streams and improve their service model for customer acquisition and growth. A new service model was developed through collaboration with experts and workshops, going beyond customer conversations to create a reorganisation strategy for delivery.

The Challenge

Engine Service Design was engaged by KLIX, the drinks vending division of Mars, which wanted to explore new revenue through services beyond their existing B2B supplier contracting model. The objective was to improve their existing service model to support the acquisition and growth of accounts.


Firstly, the Engine Service Design team worked with commercial and operational experts to map their current service ecosystem. Together we interrogated this organisational and operational view of their business and their customers’ world to identify a series of quick-win and longer-term improvements and service innovations.

We provided Mars Drinks with a service vision through a series of workshops that took us well beyond simply designing “better conversations with customers” to define a new service model and route to reorganising to deliver it.

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