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Covid 19 has changed how the world will work forever. Recognising this, Barclays sought to adopt flexible hybrid working and make reimagine their office spaces by adopting a colleague-centric approach to their design and how they are used.

The Challenge

When pricing came under pressure for Sainsbury’s and mobile technology-enabled wide-scale diversification of shopping habits, the super-grocer needed to shift the focus for customer experience design from tactical deployment to a strategic capability.

The Outcome

The Engine Service Design Team defined Barclays CWX vision, workplace propositions and signature experiences for 5 Barclay locations and consulted with Gensler, Barclays Architecture partner, to translate them into architectural designs and build programmes for each site.

Defining the future workplace experience

Covid-19 pandemic brought seismic changes to the world, including where and how we work. It proved that it was possible to work safely and successfully from home without all needing access to corporate offices.

Going into an office would be very different, requiring workspaces to be reconfigured/designed and a rethink on how they are used. Barclays asked Engine Service Design to help them define a compelling vision for the future workplace experience and colleague ways of working.

Translating CWX vision into architectural designs and refurbishment/new build programmes.

On completion of the CWX vision, The Engine Service Design team acted as guardians of the experience and consulted with Gensler, Barclays Architecture partner, to translate the vision for each site into architectural designs and refurbishment/new build programmes.

Creating a vision and strategy for the Curated Workplace Experience (CWX)

The Engine Service Design team worked with the Barclays CWX team and their strategic partners to define a CWX vision and strategy for 1 Churchill Place (Head Quarters), Radbroke (Global Technology Campus), Glasgow (Finacial Hub), Chicago, and Dryrock.

For each site, this included defining the vision for the experience, outlining the required experience shifts from today to tomorrow, specifying the qualities of the experience, identifying the desired colleague outcomes and developing a set of CWX propositions and supporting signatures experiences.



Improved hybrid ways of working

Increased colleague attraction and retention

Redesign of Campus and office spaces

Increased productivity and effectiveness

Introduction of workplace experience host

Reduced office space and cost

Increased colleague satisfaction

Reduced operating costs

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