Pegasus Life End-To-End Property Services

From selling property to providing a lifestyle proposition for retirement living.

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Pegasus Life aimed to improve the entire resident experience at their lifestyle communities for older people, and the Engine Service Design team ran customer research to create a services strategy that enhanced sales, community integration, and the overall living experience for residents, including their well-being in later life stages.

The Challenge

Pegasus Life needed to enhance its end-to-end service, from sales to living as a long-term residentacross all their residential lifestyle communities for older people. 

The Engine Service Design team conducted in-depth customer research to fully understand the different phases and journeys within their resident experience, mapping the emotional journey residents and their families followed throughout each stage.  

From this foundation, we developed an enhanced sales, community integration and living experience for residents, including how their wellbeing would be catered for as they move into the later stages of life. 

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