THAT Retail Concept Store wins “Best Experience Design” Award

THAT Retail Concept Store wins “Best Experience Design” Award Image
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The whole team at Engine Service Design would like to congratulate Grégoire Charpe-Civatte (Director - Customer Experience & Innovation at Majid Al Futtaim), and all MAF teams involved, for winning the Best Experience Design Award for THAT Concept Store's at the 2022 Customer Centricity World Series.

James Samperi, Director of the Engine Service Design Dubai Studio said,

“The challenge with this project, was to create a first of its kind lifestyle store, offering a cutting-edge lifestyle experience; a space the size of a department store in one of the biggest malls in Dubai. Having been engaged on this exciting project, we needed to fuse different services, products, and experiences together in a way that would become an original and authentic experience”

The Engine Service Design team worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team, alongside retail, digital and front-line training, to deliver a remarkable omni-channel experience. We created the overarching vision, developed the key customer journeys, and developed service, digital and operational concepts to support the design and development teams.

THAT Retail Concept Store wins “Best Experience Design” Award

“Our team used the existing data, staff interviews and store observations to build a greater understanding of THAT’s target customers, and determine the critical proof points that would need to be designed into the experience.”

THAT had a strong idea of what the brand needed to stand for and had linked the merchandising and product strategy to delivering against that ambition.

Engine Service Design complimented this work by converting that brand positioning and a deeper understanding of their target customers, into a vision for the customer experience that would provide multiple ways a customer could experience the retail experience, and deliver a consistent THAT branded experience.

Through this work, Engine Service Design developed digital product concepts across the journey and outlined requirements for how this would be executed. As well as digital, we outlined how the front-line “Lifestylers” would be equipped to personify the THAT brand and deliver a truly authentic and personalised service.

THAT Retail Concept Store wins “Best Experience Design” Award

On receiving news of this prestigious award, Grégoire Charpe-Civatte said:

“Thanks to all the team members involved, and to Engine who supported us on this project. We're extremely proud of our THAT "Lifestylers" on the shop floor, making a huge difference, one meaningful interaction at a time with our fantastic customers.

THAT is definitely a concept like no other, redefining experiential retail and I encourage you to experience it in person at Mall of The Emirates, at City Centre Mirdif, or online through our website and app.”

The Engine Service Design System has been honed over 20 years as we’ve developed best-in-class services and customer experiences just like THAT store. We use the system to configure projects and programmes to best suit the outcomes you need and discover what your customers will love.

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