Is your organisation truly customer-centric? Here’s your checklist

Is your organisation truly customer-centric? Here’s your checklist Image
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Customer-Centricity Defined

In the rapidly evolving world of business, there's a burgeoning perspective that everyone is talking about - being customer-centric. But what does it truly mean?

At its core, customer-centricity is a holistic strategy that positions the customer at the very nucleus of business processes and critical decision-making. It underscores the principle that a customer's needs, preferences, and overall satisfaction are of utmost importance.

However, there's a distinct difference between being 'customer-focused' and 'customer-centric.' A customer-focused approach simply attempts to meet customer needs. On the other hand, customer-centricity delves deeper. It's about actively seeking to comprehend and even predict those needs, always pushing the boundaries to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Key Indicators of Customer-Centricity

The term 'customer-centric' might sound fancy, but how do you actually know if your organisation embodies it? Here are the signs to watch out for:

You hear the customer talked about regularly – at all levels

  • Leadership advocate for the customer and clearly understand their needs and challenges. They build this into the strategic direction of your organisation
  • Everyone in your organisation understands their relationship to customers and the impact they have on them
  • You have a clear vision for your customers and everyone in the organisation is bought into it, and working towards it


You spend time learning about your customers and act upon what you know

  • You conduct quantitative and qualitative research to understand your current customers and also potential customers of the future
  • You’ve implemented mechanisms that allow you to accurately capture customer feedback at all stages in the customer journey.
  • You have plans and processes in place that allow you turn the insights you gather into action – either through informing existing initiatives or creating new ones
  • You have a clear understanding of the entire end-to-end customer journey, and how customers interact with you at different touchpoints


You measure your success on what customers think or feel about your organisation

  • You have a set of OKRs or KPIs that the whole business understands and is targeted against
  • You have a mixture of commercial, operational and customer satisfaction metrics, but focus on how well you’re meeting customer needs.
  • You collect quantitative and qualitative data to support these metrics


You work collaboratively on projects with colleagues from a variety of different departments

  • Projects involve stakeholders from a variety of teams, ensuring a good mix of operational, commercial and customer-facing viewpoints are used to shape delivery
  • There are clear synergies and alignments with other pieces of work and you can see how they fit together in the overall customer experience


You make business decisions and prioritise initiatives based on how well you can meet customer needs

  • Your projects have clear outcomes and those outcomes are set inline with your overall CX strategy and meeting the needs of your customers
  • You’ve embedded a framework that enables you to prioritise new and existing initiatives based on how they meet key business objectives
  • You have a clear roadmap which sequences and outlines dependencies between all of your initiatives.


You have positive, long-lasting relationships with your customers

  • Your customers are loyal and continue to return time after time
  • You can personalise your response and the way you serve each customer based on their needs
  • Your customers believe in your organisation and regularly advocate you to friends and family


Dive Deeper Into Customer Centricity

Passionate about championing a customer-centric transformation in your organisation? Evaluate where you stand with our free Customer-Centricity Index assessment.


Remember, in the modern business landscape, putting your customers at the heart of everything is not just a strategy - it's the foundation for enduring success. 

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