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Scaling the CX function and building capability

Behind every great service is a great organisation – Part 4.

In Part 4 of this six-part series, we investigate the third fundamental of our Design-led approach – Scaling the CX function.

Businesses need a group of motivated people capable of evolving the experience, enablers and culture. Establishing a new customer experience or service design function within a business requires a level of support, integration, engagement and tools that organisations may not be familiar with. In our experience, this requires C-Suite backing and a dedicated team with the right blend of skills and design-thinking.

These teams are no longer in place just to complete service development cycles, or to give implementation of the customer experience a seal of approval. Their role is integral to inspiring and supporting the organisation to invest in services and deliver them well.

The associated challenges that businesses face:

  • Finding ways to improve performance when traditional methods are exhausted.
  • Doing more with less and managing the realities of what this means for a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Building internal capabilities and doing more in-house.
  • Releasing and harnessing the creativity that exists within the business.
  • Understanding the skills required to drive the change and recruiting people with the right attitude and capability.


The activities and assets that help you succeed:

  • Running customer experience training to engage teams in the design process and tools used.
  • Developing training resources and toolkits on paper and online to equip teams.
  • Supporting the integration and reach of CX teams and helping them engage others in their role in the customer experience.
  • Engaging stakeholders in co-developing the change plans, roles and responsibilities to realise delivery.
  • Creating the right structure and governance to support and empower CX teams to get traction and make change happen.
Next week, in Part 5 of 6, we’ll investigate the fourth fundamental – Shaping the company culture – or you can sign up below and download the full story now.

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