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Service Design resources and insights

A photo of european buildings of various shapes and sizes along the riverside in front of a canal. On the water are a variety of boats, from canal boats to small fishing boats

Oliver King speaks at Service Design Global Conference 2016

Keynote speech Service Design Global Conference, Amsterdam

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Improving customer experience in aviation

Six ways to improve customer experience in aviation

In recent years there have been great improvements in passenger experience in the aviation industry, however, customers are still looking for that smooth and easy travel experience, where they feel valued and important

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Measuring service metrics

Measuring and ensuring the success of services

Operationalising a new strategy, or indeed a new service should trigger organisations to question what they are or are not measuring.

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An aerial view of 4 men gathering around a table covered in paper that has charts and tables on it. There are pens and a coffee cup on the table while the people appear to be discussing what is on the paper

Design thinking reshapes enterprise architecture

Earlier this year, Engine Director Joe Heapy spoke at the Forrester Enterprise Architects Council event in London.

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4 men wearing mercedes polo shirts gather round two tables with a desk behind them. The man on the left is looking at a pen drawn car concept design while the rest are looking at magazines. There are cans on the table.

Our service with Mercedes-Benz wins industry award!

Engine Service Design worked with Mercedes-Benz to develop an end-to-end service proposition for their after-sales experience and customer care.

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the evolution of service design the present and the future

The evolution of service design: Present & future

Positioning itself as a meta-discipline, packaging up the strategic functions found elsewhere in design; Service Design is gaining traction as the business friendly face of design.

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A mannequin on display demonstrating B2B service design

Designing a B2B service business from scratch

Engine was commissioned to support the development of Philips Retail Solutions (PRS); a new venture within Philips. Philips has three divisions, the biggest part being B2B.

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A person holding a camcorder recording a man in a black bomber jacket collecting data from someone off camera who is making notes

Service design research and exploration

Design research is an implicit and inseparable aspect of service design. Traditional research skills such as listening, observing and investigating alone are not effective enough for service design.

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