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Service Design resources and insights

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A guide to ecosystem services design

Business ecosystems are creators of value. Here's a practical and accessible approach to unlocking value within your business ecosystem.

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service design futures

Service design futures

From here on in, our mission is to make the world a better place one service at a time.

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engine customer experience report 2019

Engine Customer Experience Report 2019

Do consumers trust online or high-street brands most and are they ready to go paperless?

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Mobility as a service

The role of car brands in mobility as a service

The shift from car ownership to usership brings new challenges.

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Design workplace experience

Designing the workforce and workplace experience

Creating remarkable workforce and workplace experiences through service design.

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designing for professional services

Designing for professional services

Reimagining and designing the customer experience of professional services.

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Engine co-founds SDN Middle Eastern Gulf chapter

Engine helps found the Service Design Network's Middle Eastern Gulf chapter.

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Designing great customer experience

Behind every great service is a great organisation

Businesses need a compelling vision to create a remarkable, valuable and branded experience.

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Super powering experiences with design

Design as the Super Power of the experience economy

Design as the Super Power of the experience economy.

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Designing valuable B2B experiences

New evidence suggests that 82% of business buyers want the same experience as when they’re buying for themselves.

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