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Who are the top 10 best UK brands for customer service and experience?

Top 10 best UK brands for customer service and experience in 2018.

As we release the results of our fifth annual Customer Experience Report, Engine director and co-founder, Joe Heapy talks to Consultancy UK about what the top 10 best UK brands for customer service  and experience are doing right.


top 10 best uk brands for customer service and experience in 2018

2018 Ranking Company
1 Amazon
=2 Lloyds Bank (New Entry)
=2 John Lewis
3 Tesco
4 Marks & Spencer
5 British Airways (New Entry)
6 Sainsbury’s
=7 Santander (New Entry)
=7 Barclays
=7 Nationwide
=8 Premier Inn
=8 Apple
9 Sky
=10 Virgin Media
=10 Halifax (New Entry)
=10 Vodafone (New Entry)
=10 Asda (New Entry)


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