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Restart your services with impact

Many businesses have been unable to operate while others have but with short term, protective measures in place. Now the urgency has become the economy, effort shifts to restarting services.

Do you recognise any of these challenges?

  • How do we move from the emergency measures to a more considered and less disrupted operation, providing an experience for our customers that’s safe and as great as we can make it?
  • How can we encourage more customers to self-serve in our environments and ensure they feel safe doing so?
  • How do we absorb new processes and procedures into our frontline operation, so people feel safe without drawing attention to safety?
  • How do we design an experience at work for our frontline colleagues that ensures they feel safe without making it harder for them to be there for our customers?
  • How can we help our frontline colleagues continue to engage customers if we have to retain physical barriers and equip colleagues with PPE?
  • What new service roles and tasks do we need at the frontline and how can we train existing and new staff quickly?
  • Can we use the technology we have to enable colleagues to manage additional tasks, monitor in real-time and equip them to provide the best possible customer experience?
  • How should we work with frontline leadership to deliver the right experience for customers at a time when safety and revenue are their priorities?

Why you need to act

  • Your deployment of emergency measures isn’t durable or sustainable for your frontline colleagues or our customers.
  • You need to be visibly ‘open for business’.
  • You need to design for the best customer experience with the least cost by focusing on what’s valued most as well as what’s most effective.

Business tools

We’ve developed a set of practical tools to help you work through your businesses needs and priorities – be those of today or tomorrow. We’ll guide you through dynamic and collaborative sessions supported by our creative team to develop ways you can actively respond to challenges and create new opportunities.

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